Android Tutorial [B4X] Creating a cross platform custom view packed as b4xlib

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    The attached b4xlib library is a cross platform list of colors:


    It is a XUI custom view. The custom view is based on two layout files. One for xCustomListView and another one for the items layout.
    There is also a text file with the colors values.
    As layout files files are platform specific we need to create a layout file for each platform.

    Notes & tips:

    - The source code is included inside the b4xlib file (it is a zip file).
    - Layout files of other platforms will not be added to the project.
    - It is not possible to load layouts from DesignerCreateView without calling Sleep(0) before.
    - ListTemplate layout was actually taken from XUI Views.
    - A more powerful color picker implemented as a dialog is included in XUI Views. - The B4A project I've used to implement the view.
    ColorsList.b4xlib - The library with the files. Open it as a zip file to see.
    Usage Example - B4J project that uses this view.

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