Tool [B4X] Forms Builder - Designer for B4XPreferencesDialog


FormsBuilder is a desktop tool that helps with building templates for B4XPreferencesDialog:

The output of FormsBuilder is a json file that is loaded with:
prefdialog.LoadFromJson(File.ReadString(File.DirAssets, "Example.json"))

Click on the monitor icon to see the preferences dialog.


V1.66 - Support for 24 hours mode in time items.
V1.65 - Support for the new Explanation item added to B4XPreferencesDialog v1.65.
V1.50 - Support for two new field types added to B4XPreferencesDialog v1.50: Multiline Text and Decimal Number.
Note that you can set the height of multiline text fields.
V1.10 - Support for light themes. Make sure to also update B4XPreferencesDialog to v1.30.

Make sure to download the latest version of B4XPreferencesDialog:


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I have downloaded "formsbuilder.jar"
I double click on its icon but nothing happens.
I see in Properties that opens with "Open JDK Platform binary"
But it doesn't open it.
Can you help me?


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It has happened, I think, since I installed Eclipse Java 2019-06 on my computer. Can I return to the previous state?
Ignorance is very daring!


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Double clicking on the jar will only work if Java 8 is installed as the default Java.
The simplest solution is to run the source code from B4J (second post).
The current version is Java 11. I don't want to install an old version of Java. How do I tell FormBuilder to compile with Java 11. My configure paths is set to: C:\Java\OpenJDK-11\bin\javac.exe