Android Tutorial [B4X] Paralells Desktop 15 Windows 10 B4A,B4I,B4J and B4R looks blurry (Fix)


i have searched for a long time for a fix for this, every time i have B4A on my second monitor on my mac, then the text was blurry and this was no fun to work with...

Now i have a fix for this.

  1. right-Click on the B4A,B4I,B4J or B4R icon
  2. click "open file path"
  3. right-Click on the icon
  4. click "properties"
  5. click "compatibility"
  6. "change high dpi settings"
  7. then set the hook on "Behavior at high DPI scaling"
  8. open the Drop-Down box and set it to "system"
I Translate the wording from German to English, I don't know if it was translated the same way for Windows in English.