Android Tutorial [B4X] Program from everywhere even while being on the road - It can be done already

I was thinking how can I realize what is mentioned bellow for helping a friend with no computer for now, without waiting for it to happen (if ever - no offense @Erel but I know you are busy) ...

I found a way. You can see it in the following video. Tailscale VPN. Install the clients in android and your virtual machine (or real machine) and just connect to the IP given by tailscale to B4A Bridge (IP Not shown in B4A - it reports not connected to a WiFi but it connects correctly) while being away from your WiFi with mobile data. Make sure you have unlimited mobile data. With the use of Tailscale and AnyDesk you can program while being away in a mass transportation mean (please note that in the beggining AnyDesk was not able to connect and I changed the run exit node setting which I was I just testing then and it worked). Tested in B4A and B4i - obviously in B4J no need to... Here is the explainer video of Tailscale:

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