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    NOTE: This system is depreciated in V2 and replaced by a much better and complete solution. See here:


    A feature repeatedly asked for ABM, but unfortunate enough not possible to do is now available in BANano! Yes, it is Christmas :)

    Thanks to a new CustomView BANanoDesignElement you can use the Abstract Designer to make your layouts. And then easily load them!


    It is a rather simple and elegant system I think:

    1. You set BANanoDesignElement elements in the designer (Add View, Custom view).

    Only these properties apply:
    2. Each has a Build event where you can do your specific html stuff

    3. You load a layout with BANano.LoadLayout. At this time, the bjl file is parsed (as B4J custom components do not support a different parent than main yet, I had to write an alogorithm to find the parent myself) and translated to _Build commands (you will see it in the DemoUI library file).

    Sub Class_Globals
    End Sub

    'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
    Public Sub Initialize
    End Sub

    Sub Div_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    $"<div id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" class="${el.Classes}"></div>"$)
    End Sub

    Sub Row_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    $"<div id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" class="${el.Classes}"></div>"$)
    End Sub

    Sub Column_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    $"<div id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" class="${el.Classes}"></div>"$)
    End Sub

    ' extra: the level of h;the text
    Sub H_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    $"<h${el.Extra(0)} id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" class="${el.Classes}">${el.Extra(1)}</h${el.Extra(0)}>"$)
    End Sub

    Sub P_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    $"<p id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" class="${el.Classes}">${el.Extra(0)}</p}>"$)
    End Sub

    Sub Button_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    Dim btn() As BANanoElement = el.target.RenderAppend($"<button id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" class="${el.Classes}">${el.Extra(0)}</button>"$,"").Children("#" & el.Name.ToLowerCase)
    ' defining events is very simple. Note that it has to be run AFTER adding it to the HTML DOM!
       ' eventName must be lowercase!
       btn(0).HandleEvents("click", el.ModuleEventHandler, el.Name.ToLowerCase & "_clicked")
    End Sub

    ' extra: image source;alt text
    Sub Image_Build (el As BANanoDesignElement)
    $"<img id="${el.Name.ToLowerCase}" src="${el.Extra(0)}" alt="${el.Extra(1)}"/>"$)
    End Sub
    Using this in a real app is now very simple:
    Sub Process_Globals
    Private BANano As BANano 'ignore
       Private Builder As BANanoMiniCSSBuilder '<-------- defining our BANano Library
    End Sub

    Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
    ' you can change some output params here
       BANano.HTML_NAME = 
    "BANano MiniCSS"
       BANano.ExternalTestConnectionServer = 
    ' start the build
    End Sub

    'Return true to allow the default exceptions handler to handle the uncaught exception.
    Sub Application_Error (Error As Exception, StackTrace As StringAs Boolean
    Return True
    End Sub

    Sub BANano_Ready()
    '<------- initialize the library
    "#body""Layout1", Builder, Me) '<--- load the layout
    End Sub

    Sub MyButton_Clicked(event As BANanoEvent)
    Log("Clicked on " & event.ID)   
    "#r3c2""SubLayout1", Builder, Me) ' <---- load a sub layout
    End Sub
    Builder is the library (the one who will handle the Build() events)
    Me (the one who will handle e.g. the MyButton_Clicked event: so like all other events except Build)

    An example project using the MiniCSS javascript library is included in the zip (both the library and a demo project using it) in the DemoUi folder.

    Couple of important notes:
    1. Both the library and App must be a B4J UI project, not a console project
    2. When you now run BuildAsLibrary, the assets in the Files folder will be zipped to Files.zip, next to the .js and .dependsOn files.

    I think this is cool! Very happy with it :)

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  2. Roberto P.

    Roberto P. Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Alain
    very compliments. you are the number one!

    where we can download the libary for try it?

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  3. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    This will very quickly become a serious contender to ABMaterial... And on top of it all, you just give it away! As soon as possible, I will make another donation to you, as you have earned it!
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  4. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

  5. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    @Cableguy ABMaterial is for the ones who don't want to have anything to do with html, css or javascript. For BANano, knowledge of these languages is required.

    But, one has a choice. And don't forget the Skeleton CSS framework @tchart wrote!
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  6. Kiffi

    Kiffi Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Santa Claus distributes his gifts four days earlier than planned. ;)

    I can honestly say that BANano is a really great system and I enjoy working with it.

    Kudos, Alain!

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  7. Roberto P.

    Roberto P. Well-Known Member Licensed User

  8. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    Thanks for letting me know! Should be corrected to 1.21.

    Development of BANano goes fast, but not THAT fast :)
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  9. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Great work Alain!!!
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  10. Harris

    Harris Well-Known Member Licensed User

    And just when I thought, a lump of coal was all I was getting (deserved) for x-mas.
    What a gift! Thank you.

    With this, and the "some knowledge required" - along with great examples from you and others - shall make this possible for us dummies out here!
    One more spoke in the powerful wheel of what we love - B4X.
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