B4J Library [BANanoReactMDL] A Material Design Lite framework for Website / WebApp Creation


DEPRECATED: THIS WAS JUST A PROOF OF CONCEPT (now overtaken by BANanoWebix & BANanoVueMaterial)

What is this?

It is BANanoReact (BANano + ReactJS) + MDL = BANanoReactMDL. To simply it, let's see this.

BANanoReact is just a UX library that helps with rendering UX using Facebook's ReactJS. The concentration for that was just the UX rendering and not all the other nitty gritties using the React API.

BANanoReactMDL is built on top of BANanoReact as a UX of choice for less complex websites and webapps, it's still a proof of concept, thus the test-drive agenda.

Why MDL? First, its directly from Google and there are some nice websites that have been created using it.
MDL is no longer being supported by Google as they are doing MDC i.e v2 of MDC. True, however the MDC framework is still being developed.

Lets Test Drive..

1. Head over to github, https://github.com/Mashiane/BANanoReActApp


2. Copy the contents of the libraries folder to your B4J external folder.
3. Run the B4J project inside BANanoReactMDLDemo.

Contents of folders

1. BANanoReact - the source code for the BANanoReact library
2. BANanoReactDemo - the demo source code that used BANanoReact library.
3. BANanoReactMDL - the source code for the MDL wrap using BANano + ReactJS
4. BANankReactMDLDemo - the demo that runs code you see on the video.



PS: This is still being explored and not ready for any production based apps/ web things
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To answer you...

BANanoReactMDL is a proof of concept project that uses BANano + FaceBook's ReactJS + MDL.

These are the sources of these frameworks.

1. BANano
2. ReactJS, a partial wrap for this was done on this thread
3. MDL

So the final response is...

1. Is another framework like ABM? Definately NOT.
2. Is dependent on ABM? Definately NOT.