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Current version: 0.18
Status: Released
Database: MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Price: $120



  1. Server: jServer (For production, it is a compiled jar to run on Linux or Windows VPS)
  2. Backend: Powered by EndsMeet framework and Web API Template 2 which produces JSON format REST API. Business logic coded with B4X.
  3. Database: MySQL, Firebird and SQLite. Other DBMS may be added in the future. MiniORM as query builder.
  4. Template: AdminLTE3 (Bootstrap 4) powered by Velocity Template Engine.
  5. File Uploader: jquery-uploader with nice image viewer.
  6. Security: Session and password hashing. SQL prepared statements to prevent SQL injection.
  7. Email: SMTP with jNet library for new ticket creation, client registration, reset and change password.
  8. Knowledge: Required basic skills in web development such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery).
  9. SEO: Pretty URL routes
  1. Not PHP, .NET, Python
  2. No Drag-and-drop tool for front-end web UI included
  3. No B4X Views like B4XTable, XCustomListview, B4XSearchTemplate can be use (this is a B4J non-UI app)
  4. Not a low code/no code app generator
  5. No BANano, BVAD3, SithasoDaisy
  6. No Vue, Angular, ReactJS
  7. Not PWA
  8. No NPM, Composer or package.json
  9. No compiled JavaScript or CSS
  10. No virtual environment or docker
  11. Not working in shared hosting
  12. No cookie, localstorage and JWT used
  13. Web API is not suitable for B4A or B4i clients*
* I decided to remove the complexity of JWT and only focus on server session (stateful). However, it is possible to support mobile clients (stateless) with some modification but this is out of the scope of this project.
  1. This is the first complete web app for Ticketing System in the forum ever made.
  2. It is powered by EndsMeet, a web development framework with libraries build from the ground up such as Web API template and Velocity library.
  3. You don't want to use PHP or C# but choose B4X as your backend programming language hosted on the high performance jServer powered by Jetty.
  4. You want to use a simple yet powerful template engine and you don't want to use Java Spring, this project shows how you can use Velocity template engine with complex layouts.
  5. The most popular AdminLTE template is included as a starting point. If you have found a nice HTML dashboard template in themeforest, colorlib, envato, templatemonster, etc for your upcoming projects, you can switch to it with some modifications.
  6. You want to see how MiniORM can simplify the way to build SQL queries.
  7. You want to start develop with the lightweight SQLite and migrate to other database engine such as MySQL, SQL Server, Firebird or PostgreSQL in the future.
  8. You plan to build a REST API server which can be reused for your mobile or desktop apps.
  9. You want to figure out how the front-end UI such as collapsible panel, cascading dropdown list, responsive layout are made with JavaScript or jQuery and how to call REST API using jQuery Ajax. This provide a good user interface and experience for desktop and mobile users.
  10. You want to know how sessions work in jServer web app. How to route end users and administrator login to different pages.
  11. You want to know how emails are sent using SMTP or jNET library for user registration, activation, change password and reset password.
  12. You have an idea to build other web apps such as e-commerce, shopping cart, inventory, e-learning, ERP, CRM, project management, data collection, dashboard, etc then this project can be used as a base template.
Then, get this source code at a very low price while it last!
Return JSON response using MiniORM:
Private Sub GetClients
    #region Documentation
    ' #Version = v2
    ' #Desc = List all clients
    #End region
        If Not(user_type = "staff") Then
            HRM.ResponseCode = 401
            HRM.ResponseError = "Authorization required"
        End If
        Dim DB As MiniORM
        DB.Initialize(Main.DBOpen, Main.DBEngine)
        DB.Table = "tbl_clients"
        HRM.ResponseCode = 200
        HRM.ResponseData = DB.Results
        HRM.ResponseCode = 422
        HRM.ResponseError = "Error execute query"
    End Try
End Sub
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New update (version 0.18):

What's new?
  1. MySQL database tested
  2. MiniORM and Connector classes updated
  3. Config.ini uses placeholder in JdbcUrl
  4. Modified by and date in Ticket and Article view
  5. Fixed some user access controls

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Testing with PostgreSQL.
It seems I need to explicitly cast integer parameters before passing to the parameterized SQL.
Yes Postgres is strongly typed DBMS. If you app full runs on postgress then you're good for all other DBMS's with universal SQL of course.