B4J Library [BANanoWebix] An Object Oriented UX library for BANano


**NB: BANanoPostProcessor: The BP used in some of the examples is an updated version of what Kiffi did in the forum. The examples are old and have not been maintained due to time challenges as the focus has been to maintain the core library and other things. Due to enhancements in BANano, this means you can un-reference it and comment out the code that uses it for BANanoWebix. This will not have any effect on your app.

IMPORTANT: Latest Updated Information is available here.


BANanoWebixDemo with Lessons

Webix is an HTML5/CSS3-based UI toolkit that helps you build complex and dynamic web apps that are cross-browser and even cross-platform. That means your Webix-based apps will work consistently in virtually any modern browser on virtually any modern platform, including mobile devices. Webix provides a robust set of UI components that provide all the standard things you see in modern UIs including rich form controls, grids, scrolling lists, calendars, charts, layout elements (tabs, accordions, etc.), and so on. Also, it provides a strong collection of more general-purpose functions that are frequently needed when developing SPAs.

There are also lessons/tutorials on how one can get up to speed creating their BANano based SPAs using BANanoWebix.

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