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    New: BANanoWebix App Creation Process


    Download BANanoWebix

    NB: The official webix form builder is here, it does not work with BANanoWebix

    Now that BANanoWebix is steady and ready for production apps, well why not have an additional pack to this, a form builder / designer.

    It's still early stages but this builder will work in conjuction with your BANanoWebix app development cycle. What you do here is basically create your views and you will be able to copy the code to your webix app as the syntax will be BANAnoWebix scoped.

    Let's see how one can use the property sheet to set some options and then have their button created.

    Known Issues: A time lag between clicking Save and view drawn on screen. Might have to just save twice for now. Will investigate further

    PS: The rest of the components will be posted on this thread on how to create them with the BANanoWebix-FormDesigner
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    Still on phase 1 of the FD - most input components can be designed using the property bag..

    Get the latest here
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    Phase 1 of the form designer is almost complete. The first RC is here.

    The code has been re-written to now use PHP SQLite as a backend as we wanted to persist the data saved. Whilst one is able to preview and make changes to their elements to use in their BANanoWebix Apps, the generated source code can be easily copied to the B4J IDE to use in developing the app.

    Only the form components have been emphasized. Changing a property in the property bag effects the changes to the element look and feel and changes the source code dynamically also.

    Updated code on first post Download
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