Other Basic4android v3.20 is released


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I'm happy to release B4A v3.20.

This version includes many important improvements:
  • Visual designer
    • Anchors feature - makes it easier to target multiple screen sizes. See this short video.
    • Copy & paste - work both inside the layout or between different layouts.
    • Undo / redo feature.
    • The views are organized in a tree for easier navigation.
    • AutoScaleAll keyword now works with all variants, not just the "standard" variant.
    • Colors fields can be copied and the colors values can be pasted or directly typed.
    • Designer script find / replace dialog.
    • The grid is saved in the layout file.
    • Landscape / Portrait designer keywords to test the current orientation.
    • UI Cloud threshold reduced to 10 seconds.
  • #AdditionalRes attribute - Makes it possible to wrap Android library projects (projects with resources). See this example: jfeinstein10 SlidingMenu library
  • Sync button in the Files tab - Syncs the project files with the Files folder.
  • Modules added to the Find Sub / Module tool (Ctrl + E).
  • Tabs order in the IDE is preserved.
  • Modules files that were not modified will not be saved thus preserving the correct time stamp.
  • DateTime.SetTimeZone now accepts a Double instead of Int.
  • Shortcuts: F11 - Restart (rapid debugger), F2 in the designer connects to the device.
  • JavaObject v1.00 - new RunMethodJO / GetFieldJO methods.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Users who are eligible for a free upgrade should receive an email with the download link. Please allow up to 12 hours for the mail to arrive.
Other users should receive a mail with a discount offer (it will be sent tomorrow).

I would like to thank the beta testers for their help with the continuing development of Basic4android.
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I haven't received my download link. I had earned an extra year of upgrades when someone used my coupon.
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I can't seem to get B4A Bridge to work with the new version.

I reverted to B4A version 3 and B4A Bridge works with that.

Unfortunately I am running Windows 8.1 which is very flaky so it could be something to do with that. But I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem.

Same problem here with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I run B4A into a VM. If I use version 3.0 over Win XP 32bit, it installs the apk in the device smoothly. If I use version 3.2 or 3.0 over Win 7 it won't install the apk.
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Thanks for adding that sync button.

Although it's technically not much special it's for a user a big timesaver when adding a lot of icons to a project
without using the built-in fileselector (I'm a total commander addict)

One more thing...

I added the files to the project. But when I insert a button I need to add them again when I want to attach that image to the button?

I believe you wrote once that this might change, what are your thoughts about this now?
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Marcos Alves

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Hi @Erel ! How is the upgrade value and how can I do the upgrade (pay, download and install trial and then the new license - sent by email?)
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