Java Question Blocking/non-blocking wait


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Sorry for the confusing title, but this is a confusing and tricky topic for me. I'm wrapping a native code library which is constantly calling a "Read" function in my code until data arrives from a USB serial device. I have to block the read function until data arrives or a timeout happens but without blocking the remaining app code.

//Java code called from native code library:
private int Read(long userdata, byte[] data, int size, int[] actual) {
    return ba.raiseEvent(this, eventName + "_read", userdata, data, size, actual);
'Event raised from Java:
Private Sub LibDC_Read(Userdata As Long, Data() As Byte, Size As Int, Actual() As Int) As ResumableSub
    Dim bc As ByteConverter
    Dim actsize As Int = 0
    Do Until BytesBuilder.Length > ReadIdx
    If ReadIdx + Size < BytesBuilder.Length Then
        actsize = Size
        actsize = BytesBuilder.Length - ReadIdx
    End If
    Dim TempArr(actsize) As Byte = BytesBuilder.SubArray2(ReadIdx, ReadIdx + actsize)
    bc.ArrayCopy(TempArr, 0, Data, 0, actsize)
    Actual(0) = actsize
    ReadIdx = ReadIdx + actsize
End Sub

'Raised from USBSerial library
Private Sub USBSerial_DataAvailable(Buffer() As Byte)
End Sub
So, I'm receiving data from the USB Serial device and put that into a byte buffer which is then returned back to native code in the "Read" event. The code works but there is one problem. The USBSerial_DataAvailable event is not called because the LibDC_Read event is constantly called from native code as soon as it returns.

So I have to block the LibDC_Read code from returning until data is available, which should be done in the Do Until loop. But this is not working as I would expect. I've also tried jo.InitializeStatic("java.lang.Thread").RunMethod("sleep", Array(100)) instead of Sleep(100), but it does not work either.

I need a way to block the LibDC_Read function from returning without blocking the remaing app code, so the USBSerial_DataAvailable event is still called to fetch the data. Any ideas how to achive that? Maybe with the threading library?