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My business sometimes needs to send a special email to a certain segment of our customers. We have an app we use that basically reads a text file (CSV) that is output from our database and streamlines the whole process.

I rewrote an app we already have in B4J and am making it available here.

It features using SMTP, xCustomListView, KeyValueStore, Maps, CSV files, anchors, designer scripting, and a variety of other features that I might detail later.

If you have any questions about it or any suggestions for making it more robust and useful, please chime in!

VERY IMPORTANT: The "Send ALL" functionality does not yet work! I haven't programmed this bit yet. My initial attempts did not work as expected. However, the app is still functional for smaller groups of emails by using the "Send Selected" button. I will get around to implementing the "Send ALL" functionality soon(ish), but I will need to read up on and familiarize myself with Resumable Subs, methinks. In the meantime, if you are able to implement the "Send ALL" functionality, I would only ask you to provide the code for that to me so I can include it in this repo.

I absolutely love B4X and its IDE. It is one of the best IDEs I've ever used (if not THE best!). Well done @Erel and Anywhere Software! And thank you!


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Something like that is on my to-do list aswell for work as moving from exchange to on-premise exchange + exchange 365 has some weirdness that it won't sent mails when copy pasting a bunch of them from an excel or web page.

for the send all I would just put them all in a list or map first.

then with a timer of a few seconds sending them one by one or in sets of xx and removing those that have been processes.

I didn't check the app nor code but as you wrote that it works then it already deserves a well done :)