Share My Creation Lyn Bulk SMS Sender Source Code

Hello, I want to introduce to you a Lyn Bulk SMS Sender.

Source code Only = $30
Software integrated with your own API, compiled into installable application = $20
Payment can be done through Paypal - mcqueccu [at] yahoo [dot] com


0. You can integrate any SMS API into it
1. Send Quick Messages (To Single or multiple contacts)
2. Create a message template which you can use anytime
3. Create Groups
4. Add Sender IDS
5. Add Single Contacts
6. Import contact list from CSV or Excel
7. Group Messaging
8. Features Nice Dashboard to see activities at a glance
9. Sqlite Database

The Source code is easy to understand and well structured.

I will also give support to anyone who is having difficulty integrating their Bulk SMS API into the APP

Screenshot 2021-07-30 192348.png

Screenshot 2021-07-23 104653.png

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Hi! Thanks for your reply.
Let me register with an SMS provider and get the API first.
Last question: Will I be able to create Sender ID with any SMS provider right?


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+1 (IOS or Android, ideally using their own sms :) )
Check this out from @Abdulizor