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The first question with many information
I use TabStrip in B4a
There is no problem in use this good library
But Suppose :
I add TabStrip in layout and load layout in Activity
After loadlayout,i add Scrollview intro TabStrip and add many item to Scrollview
Now i run app and it is working good and i can change page and scroll the list
There is no any problem so far
Now i like to when user scroll Scrollview to bottom,The tabs of TabStrib move to the top (Move from 0 Position to -40dip) and hide tabs
And when scroll to top of list,tabs move to main position (Move from -40dip to 0) and user can see tabs
And i dont have problem so far
My problem is height if TabStrip
When i move tabs to the top,My Tabstrip is smaller than last and i need add 40dip height to TabStrip
But i dont know how do change height of TabStrib programmatically
Is it necessary my information about question?
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