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for the help file in my app I use clvExpandable together with the BCTextEngine and it works wonderfully (thank you, Erel, very much)
EXCEPT I still have not been able to correctly predict the expandable height before sending the bbcode to 'Sub createItem(...)'
I do a rough estimation based on the number of text lines and the cumulative height of the pictures, but this can not possible work because the height changes depending on the Root.Width.
Thought that ExternalRuns could do the trick, but could not find a tutorial nor a useful example since my bbcode is a mix of text and images.
Can anyone shed some light on this dilemma, please. Maybe there is somewhere a more explicit BCTextEngine explanation available that I have overseen.


Thank you in advance,
john m.


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Thank you Erel, but how can I set an invisible BBCodeView with a given width and undefined length?
Did you, by chance, also produce a tutorial on the use of the BCTextEngine?
Sorry to waste your time with such naive beginners questions.
Best, john m.
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use an invisible BBCodeView. Set its text and then get its height from the height of BBCodeView.ForegroundImageView.Height
1. I am assuming the invisible one is a BBCodeView located in the Items layout, not in the main xCLV layout, What text do you give it. Some fictitious long text?
2. What about the real visible BBCodeView. Does it inherit its height from the height of the invisible one.
I am not clear on what you are supposed to do.
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