Bug? Code Modules not loading at startup


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I run Beta v5.50.
I code on my laptop and save all to Dropbox. The Dropbox synced as normal before shutdown.
On my PC, Dropbox synced on startup, but on loading my project, one of the code modules will not load. It is not even listed in the drop down modules box but it is in the project folder and is not corrupt.

What is more strange is that a reference to a subroutine in that 'missing' code module from another activity module does not produce any error. It recognises the public subs within.
It will compile and run!

I created another code module, saved it and closed the project. That too did not load-up or be listed in the module explorer drop down box.

What can be wrong? Both laptop and PC run the same B4A version.


I just went into work to switch on my laptop without WiFi on and it too will not load the latest module I created or in fact any kind of module I create. Is this a bug in the IDE? I re-installed Beta 5.50 and that did not resolve the issue.
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You should see them on top of the Module Tab.
Hi, sure but it is not listed there or in the active modules dropdown box highlighted in the screen shot. The module name is PersistentTwilight.bas and it is in the project folder. I can open it in notebook and it is not corrupt.


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