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I have an B4A app which takes readings and then uploads text files via ftp. I then download the text files and import into Excel. It works, but I am not convince it is the best solution. I want to venture into a more professional database solution.

Do you think CloudKVS is right for the job?
The app will sometimes be offline, but should sync when online again.

What do you think?


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If you only create data on the app and use the cloud to retrieve it, you do not need a full fledged database. You can simply export your data as an Excel file directly from the app to any cloud storage provider like Dropbox or Google Drive. You would need a database if multiple users were to update the data at the same time or possibly if you want to log data continuously into a single file instead of potentially having a bunch of little files that you have to download and concatenate.
There are free services like that let you do just that.


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Thanks for you reply, please humor me a little longer.

Will CloudKVS still be suitable for a situation where the database is as follows:

It will have one company,
which has many buildings,
which has many Units,
which have 2 utility meters (Elec & Water) each with unique serial number
which have to store each month's readings.

And if CloudKVS is suitable, am I correct in saying that the code might eventually look something like this?:
' ----------------------------------------------------------------
Company = "ABComp"
Building = "Crossway Lodge"
DoorNo = "56"
ThisMonth = "2019-05"
Utility = "Water"
MeterNo = "M12334334"

ThisKey = Company & "/" & Building& "/" & Doorno & "/" & ThisMonth & "/" & Utiliy & "/" & Meterno
ThisReading = "01011394"

Put(ThisKey, ThisReading)
' ----------------------------------------------------------------