Android Question Control key repeat .. especially backspace


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First .. I'm quite a newbie at Android programming and B4A. I have a NOTEPAD app that I use to keep short notes to myself .... like a to-do list. When I complete a task, I delete the line referencing it. My PREFERRED method to delete the line is to simply use the BACKSPACE key on the keyboard. If the line is long ..even multiple lines, I can HOLD the BACKSPACE key .. however, it starts backing up at a reasonable speed for about 500 MSec, then suddenly takes off at about 20 times that speed and deletes several lines before I can get my finger off the button.

I have the source for my notepad app, but there is no mention of key handling at all that I can find..just an initialization of the IME which only references the BACK function of the phone (Samsung S4 Mini - Verizon).

So .. I haven't been able to find ANY reference to any settings for the phone, Android itself, or B4A.

Am I simply STUCK with this behavior and I have to manually delete each character instead of using the repeat function?