Android Question Custom WebSocket Push Framework Client question.


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Searching the code of the Websocket Push Framework client, I've noticed the following:
The WebSocketHandler is declared to the Process_Globals of PushService, but it's redeclared to the Connect method of PushService. Is it done accidentally or it has to be as is?
Thank you in advance.
Sub Process_Globals
    Private VERSION As Double = 1.0

    Private wsh As WebSocketHandler

    Private id As String
    Private notif As Notification
    Public kvs As KeyValueStore
    Private pingTimer As Timer
    Private lastServerPong As Long
    Type Message (id As String, Text As String)
    Private ReconnectTimer As Timer
End Sub

Private Sub Connect

    Dim wsh As WebSocketHandler

    wsh.Initialize(Me, "wsh")
End Sub