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    Edit: This method is now available internally with File.DirData.

    Windows apps are installed by default under Program Files. Starting from Windows Vista, Program Files folders are read-only. This means that writing to File.DirApp will fail.

    The following code returns a writable folder based on the platform:
    Sub GetDataFolder (AppName As StringAs String
    Dim os As String = GetSystemProperty("os.name""").ToLowerCase
    If os.Contains("win"Then
    Dim wf As String = File.Combine(GetEnvironmentVariable("AppData"""), AppName)
    File.MakeDir(wf, "")
    Return wf
    Return File.DirApp
    End If
    End Sub
    It will return something like: C:\Users\H\AppData\Roaming\AppName on Windows and File.DirApp on other platforms.
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    Does File.DirApp contains the project folder on non-Windows systems? Because it is not created in the above routine. So where is File.DirApp on Mac etc?
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    This thread has nothing to do with File.DirApp.
    Please start a new thread for your question.