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Enrique Romo

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I would like to know how I can create a file selector (for example, return a list of the selected ones) and another dialog box that allows selecting a directory (which returns the direct path to the directory).


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You need to provide more information. In many cases the "correct" solution is to use ContentChooser.

There are several file picker dialogs available ( and you can create your own one with B4XDialog. Start with B4XListTemplate.

Enrique Romo

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Forgive me, I'm a little confused with the B4A system. I have seen in other examples the library "Dialogs", but it does not appear in my IDE How can I include it? Can it be downloaded? Thank you.


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Hi Enrique Romo,

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I think you are trying to understand B4A vis-a-vis Visual Studio or related thing.
The Form designer can be opened from the "designer" menu, but you will not get a default "form" here with some built in buttons.
You have to "add" the "panel", "buttons" etc. yourself.

Better watch the Erel's video tutorial for it first

Please feel free to post your queries. Experts here are always ready to help the beginners.