Difference between 2.1 and 2.2 and SQLite DB access?


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I have an app I'm starting to put together and so far, no problems with it, under 2.2, but a friend who gave it a quick test on a 2.1 handset reported an issue.. I've put together an AVD and it does indeed give an error, this one :

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column 'series' does not exist

As mentioned, this doesn't generate an error in 2.2... Which all seems a little odd. The column does indeed exist! I think I've done something "wrong" which 2.2 has masked, but not sure what..

This is the code in question :

'populate the listview of SERIES races in alphabetical order
Dim Cursor2 As Cursor
ListView2.SingleLineLayout.Label.TextSize = 15
Cursor2 = SQL1.ExecQuery("SELECT distinct (series) FROM event order by series")
For i = 0 To Cursor2.RowCount - 1
Cursor2.Position = i

Ah, think I've found the answer...

Changed : Cursor2 = SQL1.ExecQuery("SELECT distinct series FROM event order by series")