Differences between XUI, B4XView and XUIView


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I am trying to find the differences between XUI, B4XView and XUIView

XUI is a name of a library but its a name of a class? So it is B4XView? We are using B4XView only if we are making cross platform apps? And what about XUIView?

|-----B4XView (a class)
|-----XUI (Class with same name as the libray. Why?)

XUIViews (other libray).

More controls for the forms?

When to use B4XView or jXUIView?

Thank you all
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XUI (/jXUI / iXUI) - Library that provides a cross platform layer above the platform specific types and APIs.
Its main classes are:

B4XView - A generic, cross platform type of view. Can hold any type of view. Includes cross platform methods for the more common features.
You can always go back and forth between the platform specific views and B4XView.

XUI - Collection of cross platform utilities. Similar to B4J platform specific jFX object.
As a convention we create a global XUI view named xui.


XUI Views - not jXUIView - A collection of cross platform custom views and dialogs. Packed as a b4xlib.

XUI and B4XView should almost always be used.
XUI Views should be used when you are interested in using one of the custom views or B4XDialog. They are very useful when building cross platform solutions.