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I want to write a game and I noticed that the text output is different in size on different devices.

Drawing with:
    cnv.DrawText( "Test", 50,200, xui.CreateFont2(Main.ninjaFont,32), 0xffffffff, "LEFT" )
    Dim rect As B4XRect
    rect.Initialize( 45,110,380,210 )
    cnv.DrawRect( rect, 0xffffffff, False, 1 )

In my example, the rectangle and the text should always be equal to each other.

But they are not...

Only Windows and my Android Tablet are the same.

What am I doing wrong?
Can someone please nudge me in the right direction?


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Thank you Erel. This works.

But is there a way to determine the output of the text in pixels? (Pos and font size)

I'm working on a small game and it would be difficult to switch to dip.


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I've now written a function that returns a font with a fixed pixel height.

Sub GetRealHeightFont( fontHeightInPixel As Float ) As B4XFont

    Dim fontHeight As Float = 50
    Dim realHeight As Float = 1000
    Do While Abs(realHeight - fontHeightInPixel) > 1
        Dim font As B4XFont = xui.CreateDefaultFont( fontHeight )
        Dim r As B4XRect = cnv.MeasureText( "Wq", font )
        Dim realHeight As Float = r.Bottom-r.Top
        fontHeight = fontHeight / ( realHeight / fontHeightInPixel )

    Return font
End Sub

I think it's a bit laborious, but it works on my Android test devices.

Thanks for the help :)