Android Question down grade to version 9


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Hello I upgrade to version 9.50
But i have a source code that used version 9
and now i get errors during compile (it can not find Lib documents that used for App)
Please help me how can i down grade it?


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I'm pretty sure the experts need to know what the error message is? Post your complete error message.

You can install older versions with 9.5 but change the directory path. I would stick with 9.5 and try to get it resolved.
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Thank you for helping in advance,
I create Lib folder in desktop and put all required Libraries and give path in Configure Path,
Also I copy all required Lib in B4A default Library .

When I open project it told me:
"The following libraries are missing:

and then
"hitex_recyclerview.aar" could not find

Please recommend how can i solve it?

Thank you in advance

hitex recycleviewr.png