B4J Question Error with [BANanoVuetifyAD3] VFlexDialog


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I have tried several times this tutorial:


But always appears this error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'addattr')
at _B.designercreateview (bananovuetifyad3.js:278:2204023)
at BANC (bananocore.js:20:2786)
at banano_crudtransportes_viewtransportes.laytransportes (app1686391214435.js:3:60810)
at _B.initialize (app1686391214435.js:3:50177)
at banano_crudtransportes_pgindex.addpages (app1686391214435.js:3:1887)

The line where stops is: _B._velement.getcard().addattr("v-show", _B._stvshow);

I'm a begginer and I don't know how to locate the problem. It seems that the problem is in the VueTable but I don't understand what is null

Any idea? BananoVuetify is perfect for me but I don't know how to react when appear errors

Thanks in advance


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