B4J Tutorial Excel Charts and Templates with jPOI library

The jPOI library allows you to read and write Excel workbooks: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...t-excel-xls-and-xlsx-workbooks.57392/#content

The library doesn't support creating new charts (or directly modifying existing charts).

You can read an Excel file with a chart, modify the data and write it. This is a simple and good solution if the data range is always the same.
However if the data range can change then you need to use dynamic named ranges.
This requires a bit more work but it is not too complicated.

First we start with the template file:


There are two defined names. Open Template.xlsx from the attached project to see them.
Press Ctrl + F3 to open the names editor:


(Step by step tutorial about dynamic named ranges: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/183446)

The actual ranges are not really important as they will be later overwritten. They must refer to a function (such as OFFSET) to be dynamic.

The program will:
  • Read the template file.
  • Fill the data.
  • Update the two ranges based on the number of items.
  • Save the workbook as a new file.
Updating the ranges is done with this code:
Private Sub SetNamedRange(wb As PoiWorkbook, SheetName As String, Name As String, Cells As String)
   Dim jo As JavaObject = wb
   Dim NameJO As JavaObject = jo.RunMethod("getName", Array(Name))
   NameJO.RunMethod("setRefersToFormula", Array($"${SheetName}!${Cells}"$))
End Sub

SetNamedRange(wb, "Sheet1", "Range_Name", "$C$5:$C$" & (numberOfItems + 4))

The result:



  • ExcelChart.zip
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Does jPOI could use in Linux/Debian system ?


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Thank you for your help,but in this case i lose all setting for this cell llike border and other previous setting. There is no other method to simply replace the cell value?


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Erel, This is great.
Am intersted in converting XL Chart to Android App...Have B4A Licence...Please suggest modification from B4J to B4A to implement this ...
Alternatively, can I invoke B4J in B4A environment ???
Thanks in advance.


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Alternatively, can I invoke B4J in B4A environment ???

This is quite a heavy library. In the past it wasn't possible to use it with B4A due to the dex size limits. You can try it now and set #MultiDex to True. Not the jPOI doesn't provide any user interface. For further discussion please start a new thread in B4A questions forum.