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Based on eZ Budget Planner and eZ Receipts Keeper application concept, a new simple app was created to record a location of documents stored and/or to record documents workflow. Introducing eZ Document Tracker, which can help us to keep track where we store important documents, easily find the documents when we want to use it, or tracking the flow of our letter, organize boss mails & letters (useful for office secretary), locate where your office documents, personal stuff, etc. It also can be used to record where you keep anything (not only documents) that you think it was really important for you. Looks simple, but it might useful …

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Description from Play Store:
eZ Document Tracker is a simple app that allows you to keep record of all your important documents and where they are stored. So, the next time that you need your child birth certificate, family medical documents, important loan documents, tax documents, banking records, or your important work related papers, you will know where they are. Always update eZ Document Tracker when you move your important document from one location to another location.

All your documents or stuff records are organized by folder, therefore you can keep track of the information by keep it in the correct folder. eZ Document Tracker comes with utility to store an image, you can snap a picture or get it from your phone gallery and attach into eZ Document Tracker. You can also use the Search function to easily locate where you store the documents.

Download eZ Document Tracker today and start getting organized! With a little bit of imagination you can even use it to keep track of your office mails, your tools, your company documents flow, your bills, or any other item that you need to keep track of. It's up to you!

Main features:
- Simple and easy document tracker app.
- No registration required. It is an offline app.
- Nice User Interface and organize your documents in folder.
- Easily add, update and delete records.
- Locate and search the document base on their title or description.
- Attach an image.
- Add and manage your own document categories and status.
- Backup and restore the data to/from local storage or DropBox.


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