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    I developed a simple example about how I think you should handle easily views and values of a CustomListView item.

    3 things:

    1) constants pointing to the views order in the item;
    2) two custom types, one for the views and the other for the values;
    3) four functions (you can find them in a Region named "GET CLV ITEM STUFF"):
    [EDIT] Now they are two functions only, version 2.

    ' Returns views of item at the given item index.
    Sub GetItemViewsByIndex(ItemIndex As Int) As tItemViews 'ignore
    ' Returns views of item that contains the given View.
    ' USES: function GetItemViewsByIndex
    Sub GetItemViewsByView(Vw As ViewAs tItemViews 'ignore
    ' Returns values of item at the given item index.
    ' USES: function GetItemViewsByIndex
    Sub GetItemValuesByIndex(ItemIndex As Int) As tItemValues 'ignore
    ' Returns values of item that contains the given view.
    ' USES: function GetItemValuesByIndex
    Sub GetItemValuesByView(Vw As ViewAs tItemValues 'ignore

    The test is not so smart, but it's about 4:00 AM, don't expect too much :D:

    1) check / uncheck the Sold checkbox.
    The item values will be get by view (the checkbox) and shown (ToastMessageShow and log);

    2) set focus on some Description EditText.
    Here the views will be get two times:
    first time by view (you will see change the beer and the Code text);
    second time, after 1.5 sec., by index (cancel previous changes)

    I hope you like it.

    Maybe I'll look for a way to make this more generic.

    Tips to improve this thing will be very welcome.

    [NOTE: I added GetDividerHeight to the CustomListView]

    Attached Version 2: see my posts #2 and #3.

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  2. LucaMs

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    My own tip :confused:

    I could need two only functions; the parameter could be of type object and I could check it:
    ' Returns item's views
    Sub GetItemViews(IndexOrView As Object) As tItemViews 'ignore
      If IndexOrView Is View Then
    ' ...
       Else If IndexOrView Is Int Then
    ' invalid parameter
       End If

    Also, the item index could be wrong, so I have to handle this situation.

    Not now ! ;)
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  3. LucaMs

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    This line:
    produces an error:
    An error occurred:
    (Line: 179) If IndexOrView Is View Then

    so I solved using a bit different way.

    Attached Handle CustomListView V. 2 to the first post. It uses only two functions and checks if an item for the given item index exists.
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