Android Tutorial GPT & Search application (to sell)

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted here.
I had developed a conversation and research application in artificial intelligence, before publishing I offered two types of sales to see if anyone will need it and can offer me a good price.


The application offers several types of searches including:
- Research in artificial intelligence (GPT)
- Artificial intelligence voice search (GPT)
- Image search (GPT and Google)
- Search for videos (GPT and Youtube)
- Shop search
- Search for places
- Search for events
- School research (studies)
- Search for jobs
- Search for applications
- Search for books, documents (libraries)…
- Search for games

The application has 7 languages including:
- English
- French
- Hindi
- Spanish
- Russian
- Portuguese
- Chinese

The application has 2 themes:
- Dark
- Clear

The application includes Admob advertisements for the free version and 3 payable offers including:
- 1 week
- 1 month
- 1 year

Payment for the subscription is made by credit card.
It also has 5 customizable advertising strips (9images), to be modified in the administration application (B4J).





This is the administration application, it has 5 pages including:

User page:
It displays the total number of users, as well as statistics for the period they registered.

This is the page that displays the statistics of subscriptions purchased by period and the total amount of money.

It displays the total number and statistics of users who joined the application by invitation.

App settings:
It includes different application parameters including:
- Change subscription prices
- Edit customizable ad image links
- Modify the application download link and the application version and finally suggest the user to do the update.






I offer two types of sales including:
- Sale of the copy of the project: I will keep the project and the right to publish the application.
- Sale of the entire project: I deliver the project and I will no longer have any rights to the project.

For every two sales I offer a sales contract.

Here is the application link for test : Link app

Before proposing to purchase, please test the application.

My contacts :

- Email: [email protected]
- Whatsapp & Telegram: +243975590292
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