Android Question How to do as in visual basic

I'm sorry if an answer to this question has already been posted, but I didn't find anything in the forum.
Is it possible to do the following in B4A like Visual Basic
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The built-in MsgBoxAsync does not have the ability to display icons in the pop-up prompt.

Do a forum search of "custom dialog" to get a list of libraries that can do what you want.
I am developing a custom message box with four icons, which I will enlarge later. That's why I want to select them from the drop-down menu directly in the B4A editor, in principle in visual basic.


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You can create it as a class and add in the class public variables that will represent the images whether directly or indirectly.
Dim mymsg As Mymsgclass
'You will have to create a public "Show" method in the class
mymsg.Show("Message", mymsg.Critical, "Title")
For now I wrote the code like this:
Sub MsgC (Prompt As String, Icon As Int, Title As String, Yes As String, No As String, Cancel As String) As ResumableSub
    Dim bmIcon (10) as Bitmap
    bmIcon(1) = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"icon1.ico")
    bmIcon(2) = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"icon2.ico")
End Sub
I searched the forum for B4XDialog, but did not find it.
I only found out that it is a class module but I didn't find it anywhere!

Maybe I can't find my way or B4XDialog has been removed.


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B4XDialog is part of the XUI Views library. Add that library and then you will be able to declare:
Dim dialog as B4XDialog