B4J Question how to get getforegroundwindow / getactivewindow


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I am trying to build a tool that would monitor user activity. I would like to know if there is any way to get the active window's process, title and time spent on that application
I came across articles that suggests to use JNA

I have achieved the following if anyone is interested
Browser History
Screenshots ( dual monitor included )
Hostname . current loggedin user
Open Processes
Idle time

If there is anything that you might think i will need to add, please suggest.

any help would be appreciated. thank you


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Thank you. Here is the code if someone else needs it

    Dim user32 As JavaObject
    user32 = user32.InitializeStatic("com.sun.jna.platform.win32.User32").GetField("INSTANCE")
    Dim hwnd1 As JavaObject = user32.RunMethod("GetForegroundWindow",Null)
    Dim title(512) As Char
    user32.RunMethod("GetWindowText", Array(hwnd1,title,512))
    Dim native As JavaObject
    Dim activewindowtitle As String = native.InitializeStatic("com.sun.jna.Native").RunMethod("toString", Array(title))
    activewindowtitle = activewindowtitle.Trim
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