B4J Question How to 'read' the login of any user in Remote Desktop environment?


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I have a computer with Remote Desktop services activated
There are 3 users registered on this computer, user1, user2, user3
Normally the computer is used by logging in as user1
From an external device (pc, notebook, tablet...) it is possible to access the computer via the user2 user, on a session different from the one used by the operator physically in front of the computer
In essence, the user in front of the computer does not notice any operation performed by the user user2 who is connected from an external device and uses access to the Windows Remote Desktop services (terminal server services)

The question is: how to create a program in B4J that, once running, allows you to intercept the login of any user (and perform the expected operations)?


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I guess it is not possible without a properly implemented RDP-Client

BUT i haven´t seen any project here which uses the RDP-Protocol or implements an RDC-Client

The logincredentials can not be read (at least i don´t know). The Client has to use the correct ones. You´ll not get access without them.

This is one. 14 years old tough. Fear it will not work these days...
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