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Greetings. I am new to B4A. I am looking to develop an app that does the following:

1. Get a list of files from a specific web site. ( The web page lists File URLs, File names, Date/time stamps, and file sizes.
2. Check list of files against list of files on phone within a specific directory.
3. Update any files that have changed from the site by downloading to the specific directory on the phone.

Note these files are approximately 300 MB each.

I believe most of this is covered with some of the libraries available, but would appreciate assistance in what libraries can accomplish this and any specific tutorials that would assist me in developing this app.


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okhttputils2 is most probably all you need. At least for the downloadpart.
Depending on how the site is delivering the filenames you need to use the stringfunctions to parse the result.
But at the end you should get it al working with the preinstalled libraries.

Some interesting links for the beginning.
- android.jar / targetSdkVersion / minSdkVersion
Especially RuntimePermissions
- Videotutorials. Some Videos every developer should know.

Some tips:
- Always create a new thread for any new question. Do not post to existing hreads.
- Use Code Tags when posting code
Please use [CODE]code here...[/CODE] tags when posting code.



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