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Hi all,
I am following @Erel's tutorial (Publishing your app to the App Store) to go to publish for the first time on the App Store and I have a doubt about a test of the first point, this: "Make sure to test it even with airplane mode active"

For "test it with airplane mode active" I guess you intend to install a build release on a real iPhone in Airplane mode.

I did this test and when I start the app a black screen appears and then it closes. Does this mean it crashed?

If the answer is yes, how do I view the error log on iOS?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



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This is one of the first things they test. Even if an app needs a network connection to work, the lack of it should never produce a crash.

Some thoughts (untested)
If you are using the Local Builder perhaps you could reproduce the problem in debug mode with an isolated local wifi (just LAN, no WAN) and no cellular data in your iPhone, or
if you are using the Hosted Builder, another possible approach would be to build the Release app and install it, then disconnect the router from the WAN, also the cellular data from your iphone, and send the logs through UDP to a local server.
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