B4J Library jAnotherDatePicker (class)


This is a date picker similar to B4A AnotherDatePicker.

In order to use it in your project, you should choose Project - Add existing module and add jAnotherDatePicker to your project. You should also add the DatePicker layout file and calendar_icon.png.

It is implemented as a custom view. It should be added from the designer.


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Hi all,
I needed a way to highlight some "special" days on the calendar picker. They could be holidays or any other day reflecting a given condition. While I was at it, I preferred to differentiate between special days by their backgroud color. This last option let me, for example, show a day as "very busy" setting its background color to red, while a "not so critical day" could be yellow and so on.

So, I introduced a few (well documented) additions to Erel's original code and published here the modified class in case others should need something similar.

@Erel : if you think it should be a separate class module from the original, just drop this post and I'll know that your indication is to republish it as a separate topic.



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