B4J Question JDK 8 vs OpenJDK 11 vs OpenJDK14


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I'm working on an App based on this Klaus example.

I work on 2500 markers and 22 polygons.
the application examines the markers and tells me inside which polygon that marker falls.

I used several algorithms (which I found on the forum) which reveal to me if a gps position (lat, lon) is inside a polli apli until I found one that reduces my time by about 1/6.

Adesos I did other tests, doing the same analysis by filling out the Application with JDK8, OpenJDK11 and OpenJDK14.

Ecoc the times of caolcolo for the 2500 markers:
JDK8: 41ms
OpenJDK11: 43ms
OpenJDK14: 49ms

I found it odd that later versions are slightly slower. What do you think?


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I think that you shouldn't waste your time on 2 - 8 ms difference for a complete task...

Note that there is an issue with Java 14 and GoogleMaps so stay with Java 11.
It was a curiosity.
Because obviously it's not much on 2500 markers. On larger numbers perhaps they would have more meaning.
But it intrigues me.

With OpernJDK14 I have had many problems, but now it is strangely working properly. Only if I produce an EXE file, I have to do it with JDK11 otherwise it creates several problems with GoogleMap
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