Android Question Lambda expression and Simple Library Compiler


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Using OpenJDK 11 and SLC I get this error in some source code I would like to use (steal!). Is there any way to get SLC to permit the use of lambda expressions?
error: lambda expressions are not supported in -source 7
            post(() -> {
  (use -source 8 or higher to enable lambda expressions)


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If you are using Android Studio, as I do, then as I mentioned in this thread, you can simply highlight the "->" sign and then press ALT + ENTER and you get an option to automatically convert Lamda into an Anonymous class. This saves you some time rewriting the code.
Don't know if this is available in Eclipse.
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Android doesn't support these features. You can compile it with Eclipse however you will then need to desugar the compiled jar:

It is currently not possible to change the source setting in SLC.
It is supported by Android Studio because it is using D8 dexer. I have java application with Lambdas and other java 8 codes and it compiles with Android Studio.
I thought that there will be support for D8 dexer as in your post #10 in this thread
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