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Hi All,

I have created an app for managing multiple .b4xlib libraries. I found that keeping multiple libraries updated while they are being developed and tested was quite tricky. This app helps highlight what has been changed and I keep it running in the background while I work. I have been using it for some time now and it works well.

It makes it very easy to compare the contents of a given .b4xlib library with the source folders, highlights the files in library and source and indicates what has changed and which ones need to be updated into the library. It also provides for the creation and editing of the associated manifest.txt file.

I used the zip4j library by Srikanth Reddy Lingala for manipulating the library zip file. This seems very powerful, and works well. The two Zip classes in the app only provide the functions required. There is a lot more that can be done with this library but I wanted to keep it simple. These classes could be extended by referring to the zip4j documentation referred to in the classes.

Here is a screenshot of the app in action:
Left hand pane show list of available libraries in Additional Libraries folder,​
Centre pane shows files in the selected library,​
Right hand pane show files in associated source folder, with colours as described on screen​
Associated buttons in each pane give the possible actions.​


I have only used this for B4J libraries, but it can easily be extended for B4A and B4I libraries. Please feel free to modify and extend as you like. I also hope you may learn something from this.

To Install:

1. Place zip4j-2.7.0.jar in your Additional Libraries folder as set up under Configure paths. This is the latest version I have found.
2. Unzip the attached to a suitable location and compile and run the jdLibraryMaker app.

On the first run you must set the location of the Additional Libraries folder and the location of the source files you wish to put in a .b4xlib library. From then on it is fairly self evident what can be done.


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Andrew (Digitwell)

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Hi @jdkellow ,

When I open the project, I get the following warning:

[IDE message - 2:21:35]
The following modules are missing:


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reporting this - I thought I had tested it carefully but still got caught. New zip file is now uploaded .

Thanks for trying it out anyway.

Cheers, John