iOS Question Missing code signing certifcate:(itunes connect)

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by John Woodsmall, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. John Woodsmall

    John Woodsmall Active Member Licensed User

    1.) created new certiticate on itunes(download/uploaded) !
    2.) created new profivisioning file (downloaded) !
    3.) Compilied successfully! !

    4.) on apple: Deliver Your App.
    5.) Got Error: Missing code signing certificate????

    error itms-90161: "Invalid Provisioning Profile The provisioning profile included in the bundel
    com.astromatch is invalid. Missing code-signing certificate. A Distribution provisioning profile should be used when submitting apps to the App Store.

    (from the itunes connect site)

    try everything (5 times) to fix this???
  2. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    be sure to debug your app with a distribution provisioning profile and a production certificate when you want to submit your app to the AppStore.
  3. John Woodsmall

    John Woodsmall Active Member Licensed User this working...thanks all!
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