Money Prize! - Christmas lottery (lottery #5)


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We want to Celebrate Christmas in a B4XCode way, so...

Christmas Prize.JPG

Lets make the next 6 days great!
♥ We love every single one of you! because what's more important than family? ♥

Write down "B4XCode" below and watch this post and you could be the next winner ;)

225$ USD for 3 winners
1- First winner : 100$
2- Second winner : 75$
3- Third winner : 50$

Rules :

1- Minimum 60 posts, if less than 60 posts then the period will be extended.
2- Each user can post maximum 2 posts only, more than 2 posts will not be considered.
3- Each winner is able to choose one of the payment methods from below :
3-1 Crypto (Bitcoin)
3-2 Paypal
3-3 Source codes worth of the prize he/she won
4- We will input the posts numbers in ( and the numbers will be drawn randomly.

The lottery winners will be drawn on 25-12-2021 11:00 PM GMT 2+

Good luck everyone and Lets have fun! :)
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(If I win please donate the winnings to a charity)