Share My Creation MS SQL Database viewer tool

Hi everybody,
Happy new year,
I would like to share this tool which helps to list MSSQL database tables , their structure and data.
It is a Win32 program written by me and inspired by B4X ♥️, a splendid package of programming IDEs.
I though it can help any B4X user to view their databases especially if they have a multitude of databases on many servers.
Since most of the MS SQL server, if not all of them, does not have a tool ( like in MySql servers as PHPMyAdmin) to view or browse their contents.
I know there are many tools out there that can do the same task but It is only a small effort that I dedicate to the B4X community.
I would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience or flaw in the UI of the program. If anything alike happens , I
will be glad to get a feedback from you.
Usage steps are straightforward and explained in the photos attached.


File link :
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