mStock-BIZ: Source code available for sale

Discussion in 'The Business Forum' started by rraswisak, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. rraswisak

    rraswisak Active Member Licensed User

    Greeting all,

    I would like to sell source-code of application created by me with B4A. The application is called mStock-BIZ. You can follow the application screen-shoots and videos in this thread.

    What is mStock-BIZ ?
    mStock-BIZ (Mobile Stock for Business) is one of real-world application to help business owner to collect and manage their goods item. Every business type who has inventory system can use this application to support their system or way to collect item data.

    * Only on non-exclusive license.
    * You should not re-sell the source code.
    * The apps are mine only, i am not reselling.
    * If you release on any Store then name should not be same as mine.
    * You can learn, modified or add some more features with this code.
    * Source code only in B4A

    What you get ?
    You will get three type of source-code:
    1. mStock-BIZ project code in B4A
    2. mStock Web Service project code in C# which connect to MySQL / MariaDB, Oracle and SQL Server database
    3. B4J version of mStock Web Service project which connect to MySQL database

    Price and how to get it ?
    - $100 USD for both B4A and Web Service code
    - Click Pay Now button


    - Please do confirmation by message me within this forum or direct mail me at with your email for sending the source-code

    Development IDE:

    - B4A version 9.0

    upload_2019-7-1_12-1-36.png upload_2019-7-1_12-1-49.png upload_2019-7-1_12-2-0.png upload_2019-7-1_12-2-11.png upload_2019-7-1_12-2-26.png

    - Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition

    upload_2019-7-1_19-16-29.png upload_2019-7-1_12-2-46.png

    Thank you
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  2. ibs06t

    ibs06t Member Licensed User

    possible to give discount price...
  3. rraswisak

    rraswisak Active Member Licensed User

    Hi @ibs06t Thank you for your interest in this mStock-BIZ source-code.

    Since i can't sent you PM, please share your email address for my offer.

    Thank you
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