Share My Creation My Rental (Unpublished)

Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by aeric, Apr 13, 2015.

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Share My Creation My Landlord
  1. aeric

    aeric Active Member Licensed User

    My Rental

    MyRental-01.png MyRental-04.png MyRental-05.png MyRental-03.png MyRental-02.png

    FREE app for Tenants
    - to check their Outstanding Amount
    - to check their Payment History Rental and Unifi

    User friendly interface
    - Shows colour bars indicate payment is Paid, Late, Due at particular date for each month
    - User can select payment history filtered by Year

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  2. aeric

    aeric Active Member Licensed User

    This app has been unpublished by me today. I have decided to give a new name to the app because the other app is called "My Tenant" therefore I uploaded another app name "My Landlord" which is based on this app (My Rental).
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