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* Sign Up for new user
* Sign In for existing user
* Reverify if unable to sign up successful for first time

My Tenant
* Press New Tenant button at bottom to create a Tenant
* Short Press to view Statement for Rental/Other (Other can use to keep track other charge e.g. utility or Internet bill)
* Long Press to maintain Tenant Profile

Tenant Profile
* Update Tenant Name, Mobile and PIN
* Update every month Rental/Other amount for a year

* Short Press an item in Statement bring to Approval screen (if payment already submitted using My Landlord app)
* Long Press to edit tenants rental or other payment
* Select Year drop-down to filter payment history by Year 2016/2015
* Left square indicates every month payment is paid or unpaid
1. Paid (Light Green)
2. Unpaid (Light Red)
3. Partially Paid/Overpaid (Light Yellow)
4. Payment Pending Approval (Light Blue)
5. No Charge/Not Due (White)

* Color bars indicates payment period (Longer means late)
1. Early/On Time (Green)
2. Before 15th (Yellow)
3. Late/Over Due (Red)

* User can approve/reject payment submitted by Tenant (from My Landlord app)

If you are unable to verify your account for first time, please enter your Mobile and Pin again then press on Reverify button. The server will send you the verification code again in background and you may try to login once you are verified. If you still facing problem, please email us for further assistant.

Note: This app is use together with another app called My Landlord (for Tenant).

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