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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by aeric, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. aeric

    aeric Active Member Licensed User

    I have to improve my previous version of app call "My Tenant". It is badly rated and reviewed in Google Play.

    New improvements:
    1. Material design like user interface
    2. All functions by single tap (no more long tap)
    3. No ads
    4. In-app purchase (unlock some features)
    5. Push notification ready
    6. Personalize user avatar (upload/download photo)
    7. User customized Purpose and Payee labels (support multi-language text or emoticons)
    8. Enable/disable sync to server
    9. Offline use has improved
    10. Use email and password to login (no more using Mobile and PIN)
    11. Change password is possible now
    12. Reset forgotten password (Password sent to registered email)
    13. Migrate My Tenant v1.x data (2018 to 2019) to new user profile
    14. Payments are now set for previous, current and next year
    15. Support up to 6 tenant accounts (unlimited for Pro license)
    16. Delete tenant (payee) account (available in Pro license)

    Google Play:

    Screenshot_1550489798.png Screenshot_1550490127.png
  2. aeric

    aeric Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks guys for the likes. I hope I will work harder to make more better apps in the future using B4X. Cheers. ;)
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  3. aeric

    aeric Active Member Licensed User

    Hi guys, I would like to share 10 promo codes for the free upgrade. Valid until 28th Feb 2019.

    2. 7WSJ6HD54JRU3XYP78GP0SM
    3. FCZD31YKK910SJ0YC33JFQ4
    10. XVUC2ED6J3WH74QZGRWY353
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  4. asales

    asales Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Q13AWZ7DCCDR80SJ4R2VKHM - used
  5. Gunther

    Gunther Active Member Licensed User

    1. XVUC2ED6J3WH74QZGRWY353 used
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