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if you think about it you can maybe make big money.

some countries because of war they have big inflation so if you buy today their money there could be 2 option or after the war is over this money will be worth a lot more then you have pay or the country will change his currency and you lose everything.

for example iraq, syria, and countries in africa. i know people that bought millions of iraq dinar (cost few $) but one day the money could be worth a lot!!!

think about it, it is worth to invest on it about 100$ ... (=119043.37 iraq dinar) in 1973 1 Dinar = US$3.3778

if this will be back then you will make from 100$ = 401174 $ :D


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Zimbabwe dollar is good for money collection. In my country they sell it about 10 USD/note. Good business huh?

Enrique Gonzalez R

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This an economic fenomenon called Galloping inflation, the problem is that the currency devaluates in relation of other foreign currencies (goods becomes scarce and costly) . the currency in fact never recovers its value.

To afront these situations government offers higher value bills, of course no body wants it but as a souvernirs as stated above.