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Stefano Di Chiano

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I'm looking for a way to change the layout Page Title attribute from code. I have a module that loads the same layout for every language, but then writes the texts based on which one the user selected.
I'd like to change the navigation bar text based on the selected language as well, but the layout Page Title attribute seems unreachable from code to me.
To be more clear, this is the attribute I'm talking about:

For example, if I write "English" instead of "Page" like in the image, the navigation bar would be showing "English" on that module no matter what the user selected. If there is a way to change it from code when I show the page it would be great.


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Have you tried Page1.Title ?
Page1 is the name of the Page.
Page1 is the default page in B4i.
You probably have the code below, where you can add Page1.Title = "My page name":
    Page1.Title = "My page name"
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