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Tks , I using the hosted builder to building the demo app , it running very well !

and I updated the MacBuilder and running very well same as the hosted builder !

Tks again !:)
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Hello fellow programmers,

I am using PVC and I am trying to open directly to page2 if a condition is met. However I do not know how to change the page with code for the PVC controller and and haven't been able to guess it or find any documentation. Any help? Thanks!



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Hi Guys

is there a way to reference current page?

In particular, I am using mail composer from inside a class (shared code with B4A). According to the sample code, I need to reference Parent Page

is there a simple way of finding the current page without having to rely on some global variable that I have to set every time a page is loaded

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Erel, i will check it. I was just wondering if this changes the program flow. Currently, the same code works for B4A & B4I