Pity the IDE is in Windows Only....


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So this was a response to a tweet I made that B4X always comes top!!!

Well I was forced to upgrade my laptop to win 10 after being comfortable in win7 fpr a very long time and the only reason im using a windows laptop is due to b4x.

It is a logical thing for win though due to costs associated with Mac etc, but for stability point of view, i know well enough when my win has a mind of its own, to my irritation at times.



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The purpose of B4X is to produce applications that run on multiple platforms rather than to be itself, a tool that runs on multiple platforms.
Since the realisation of the latter goal would consume resources that could otherwise be devoted to its primary, I think it's for
the best that B4X doesn't try to do that! :)

Enrique Gonzalez R

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i was used to blame AA for not having a Linux compatible IDE but after a long period of reflection, meditation, finding my self.... i realized that it is more of Microsoft fault for not having Linux on their minds for so long... that now that world is shifting away from windows the Net framework is and outdated mess, hope they do not make the same error with Net Core.

Enrique Gonzalez R

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What "world" is that? Windows is still #1 and getting bigger. .NET outdated? how so?
in a world where even Windows is using linux in Azure, where they let you install Linux sub system in windows and where all their new technologies are being made taking linux in mind, visual studio code, net core, sql server, they will realease soon a linux core based windows actually.

windows is only number 1 only on desktop, for servers they lost the battle long ago and by the day more and more programmers prefer to use Mac than windows.

Net is going to be valid up to 4.8 then no more udpates will be made, microsoft is deprecating it in favor of Net Core, we all know the story, it is not death per se, simply will no have updates the same limbo as WPF.


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That's hardly "leaving" or "shifting" just giving a chance to that demographic to use M$ tools, I code a lot in PowerShell and now we have PowerShell Core which also runs on Linux and iOS, good, now the geeks running Linux can also use PowerShell to administer Windows machines from Linux, how is that "shifting" or "abandoning" Windows? in my opinion, that's a genius move from M$, the other genius move was to open source PowerShell.
Regarding servers, hmmmm, most are Windows what battle is that?, also .NET Core is a cross platform open source, created by M$ (another genius move), things evolve and change and I welcome that, going back to my PowerShell example, now Windows PowerShell won't be updated but that doesn't mean is dead, it will live forever just like CMD.exe, but to be honest, PowerShell Core (or PowerShell 7 as of now) still has a long way to go to be truly a Windows PowerShell replacement.

Enrique Gonzalez R

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do you think all those genius moves would have been done if microsoft did not feel their market share shaken? they are losing against linux, they knew it and they are responding.

Regarding servers, hmmmm, most are Windows what battle is that?,
this is not true at all, Linux in servers varys from 80% up to 92%.

Every year programmes shift to mac or linux to code
2019 - 57%
2018 - 62%

All major Silicon Companies do not use windows at all, they prefer Linux and MacOs.
(i hope i could find more info on that)

now Windows PowerShell won't be updated but that doesn't mean is dead
yes, exactly like WPF, their happy limbo. i am pretty sure by this standard Silverlight is still alive.